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Two Classic Types of Diabetes Patients

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I have received three diabetic patients recently. All of these three patients are relatives to one of my friends. He works as a registration agent with us.The patients are his mother,his uncle and his father in law.

His mother is 56 years old and has been living with diabetes for the past 2 years.Half a month ago, I sent her a 2 months supply of GlucoNature. My friend called to tell me that GlucoNature is really helping and his mother feels much better as most of her diabetes symptoms have disappeared.

.His uncle and his father in law also have diabetes. One day, he invited them to my office for a consultation.

His uncle is 54 years old and is currently working in a personnel bureau.He has been living with diabetes for the past 10 years and has struggled to control his diabetes. He failed to follow the recommended diet because it was impossible for him to incorporate it in his lifestyle and the demands of the job of a civil servant. He ignored the doctor’s advice on taking his medication strictly on time. Once in a while, he would take it, but in most cases he would just forget about it.

His present body condition is alright,considering his desease. He suffers from a little higher blood sugar level but he has the energy to work, to live and be active. After conducting an overall check, I told him that he has an early stage of diabetes though he has been diagnosed with the desease more than 10 years ago. In fact I even advised him agains taking GlucoNature. Instead, I recommended him a certain kind of tea product which would help him control the diabetes for the rest of his life.

My friend’s father in law, on the other hand, is currently 60 years old and is retired. He has had diabetes for the past 10 years as well. During these years, he followed the doctor’s advice strictly – he never touched foods and drinks with sugar, took melbine etc. He was also taking injection of insulin to support his life. The medications would often make him very weak, his face would be pale and sometimes he would even be struggling to walk by himself. For instance, when he came into my office, he was being helped by his daughter in law. I advised him to only use two months treatment of GlucoNature. After the two months period, we could then offer him an individual treatment base on an comprehensive plan. In fact, to treat him was very difficult indeed.

There is a very big difference between the cases described above,especially the ones who followed the doctor’s advise and the other one who never followed strictly the prescribed treatment. It tells us that Glucose is a priority importance for most diabetic people and yet it only controls blood sugar level without providing solution for the rest of the body’s functions which defeats the purpose in a way.

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Diabetes Types

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There is no room for play when dealing with serious conditions like diabetes. The right treatment should be taken right away in case that you find out that you suffer from this disease. Leave it untreated and it will lead to some very serious consequences, such as developing other health related conditions or even aggravated diabetes. So it is really important to keep these aspects in mind and go see a doctor if you think there may be something wrong with you. There are still people out there who do not even know they have diabetes, all this because they do not check with their doctor once in a while. You must be motivated enough to keep your good health the way you want it, just doing nothing is not enough! Just think that you double the chances of getting a heart related disease if you even have pre-diabetes, which is just the first stage! It is very important to maintain a healthy eating routine, so that you consume little fat, salt and so on. So keep in mind that the right treatment is advised in the event that you are diagnosed with diabetes. Keep reading and find out about the types of diabetes and how you can treat diabetes the right way.

The first type of diabetes is Type 1. There are two types actually, Type 1 and Type 2. The Type 1 is sometimes known as Juvenile Diabetes because it oftentimes occurs early in a person’s life. It is caused by the fact that, for some reason, the body is unable to produce a sufficient quantity of insulin. Insulin represents a hormone which is responsible for clearing away and reducing the glucose from your blood, by moving glucose into the cells of the body (for example, the muscles) to provide your cells with the glucose and energy they need. The insufficient insulin level which occurs in Type 1 diabetes is caused by the immune system, destroying whatever cells are producing insulin (located in your pancreas). The cells that are used to create the insulin are actually named beta cells, located in the pancreas. It is when the glucose remains in your blood, instead of getting inside the cells, that the serious problems of diabetes occur.

The second type of diabetes (Type 2 diabetes), represents a different metabolic disorder caused by the fact that, like Type 1 diabetes, the body is not able to produce enough (or even use) insulin. This is a very common form of diabetes; about 90% of the diabetes patients out there suffer from this type. This disorder does not happen overnight like others, but it builds up over time and it usually hits you in your adult years. This is why it is so important to take regular annual diabetes tests! You could be suffering from a low-level type of diabetes (called prediabetes which eventually leads to full blown diabetes) and you do not even know it, and if you leave it untreated, it will develop into Type 2 diabetes, which is the last and most serious form of diabetes. There are many forms of treatment out there, but the most common and used treatment (only as a final resort, if changes in diet, exercise and body weight loss doesn’t work) is the administration of insulin into your system.

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The Unusual Types of Diabetes

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While most people know of the two main forms of diabetes, there are other forms of the disease that affect humans. The disease can give a warning to youngsters who are at risk of catching it, the recognition of which would push back the onset by a wide margin. Pregnant women can also develop diabetes during their term, which, if left unchecked, would lead to health problems in the baby. Besides complications during birth, the child has an increased chance of getting fat and also an increased chance of developing type 2 diabetes. These two unfamiliar forms of the disease are known as gestational diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Gestational diabetes in a nutshell

When a pregnant woman develops unusually high blood sugar levels, the condition is known as gestational diabetes. The condition is different from women who were diabetic before pregnancy, and usually is detected late in the pregnancy. The body undergoes huge changes during pregnancy, and these sometimes lead to the body becoming insulin resistant. If the patient is obese, has had a personal history of either diabetes or pre-diabetes, has a family history of diabetes, or had PCOS, then she is at risk of developing gestational diabetes. The disease is difficult to catch because it has no outward symptoms. The only clues are subtle, like increased thirst and urination.

Prediabetes in a nutshell

Most patients find out about pre-diabetes when being tested for diabetes. Pre-diabetes is when blood sugar levels are elevated to an alarming degree, but not enough to be classified as diabetes. The symptoms mirror those of diabetes, like extreme fatigue, blurry vision, impaired healing, numbness of the extremities etc. Patients of type 2 diabetes show mild symptoms, while type 1 diabetes manifests the symptoms much more intensely. Once diagnosed with pre-diabetes, patients should get checked for type 2 diabetes regularly, from reputed clinics like Apollo Sugar.

Prevention and Management Strategies

You can lower your risk of developing these two types of diabetes in several ways. Firstly, it is always advisable to lose weight. Even if your goal weight isn’t achieved, every pound matters in the battle of the bulge. Physical activity also helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. If exercise is too strenuous, doctors recommend 30 minutes of brisk walking to stave off a lifestyle disease. For patients of gestational diabetes, this also reduces your chances of developing type 2 diabetes in the future. Food is a major factor in preventing and managing diabetes. Switch to wholegrain, fibre rich alternatives in your diet, and increase your consumption of vegetables and healthy fats. For pre-diabetics, your doctor may prescribe Metformin, a medication that is recommended by the American Diabetes Association for its use in preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Mrudula KS is a certified dietician, who designs diet based on the different types of diabetes. But, she also has a keen passion for writing. So, she combined her professional knowledge about gestational diabetes, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and pre-diabetes to come up with articles about diabetic diet tips and suitable diabetes diet plans to help people live an active life with diabetes.